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The glaze is No. B1 and is studio-made from locally reclaimed Ash wood ash from our local, independent wood-fired pizzeria. Smooth semi-matt finish. Hand pressed grogged buff clay base supports the glaze surface.

The range will be continous, unchanging and not vary - other than slight natural adjustments and variations in the base glaze recipe, making it a range that can be collected and returned to over time.

Four plate sizes are available 10.5cm (£15), 14.5cm (£25), 18.5cm (£35), 22.5cm (£45) plus p&p

All produced by hand by Becky Beasley, signed BB and No. B1 glaze reference code and year written on reverse in ceramic pencil

Buy 3 plates and get one free (Select 4 plates and then enter this code at checkout: B3G1F)

Only a small amount of plates will be pressed per month

The Seaweed Shop is neurodivergent friendly.
DM any questions, special needs or requests.

BB @ The Seaweed Shop 14.5cm Plate

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