Thomas Bernard Malamud discloses, in its own clear yet unabridged way, the artist’s major concerns: the objects and activities of the everyday as physical, material and intellectual decisions played out in space by a subject who is simultaneously approaching and diminishing. At once humorous, emotive and, to use Thomas Bernhard’s term, ‘corrective’, Thomas Bernard Malamud proposes new ways of thinking about the everyday as a series of necessarily deathbound, yet potentially joyful, decisions and displacements, additions and reductions.



Improper Names, Becky Beasley

German Soup, Some Thoughts I had While Printing, Becky Beasley

Vermischte Bemerkungen: Correspondences, John Slyce

A Short History of Walnut, Becky Beasley

The Problem in Summarizing Blanchot, Lydia Davis

The Man Nobody Could Lift, Chris Sharp

17 July 2009, Simone Menegoi


Concept: Becky Beasley

Design: Becky Beasley and Arnoud Verhaeghe

Photography: Koen de Waal

Printing: Aldgate Press, London


ISBN: 978-0-9557540-2-9
PUBLISHER: Becky Beasley, Laura Bartlett Gallery, and Office Baroque Gallery

Edition of 500 ,
21,7 x 28 cm
68 pages,
32 colour


Limited Edition of 21 copies including a gelatin silverprint (no longer available)

Thomas BernardMalamud



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